Focus on Art

Documentaries, reportages, promotional and educational material on art for the tv, the web, exhibitions and events. This is an area where I display the best of my qualities, from originating ideas to production and delivery.

Creation, Research and Development

Whatever the topic, I start by generating ideas. I provide cues and suggestions on possible developments and creative solutions for compelling communication. I know how to turn a theoretical construct into engaging and vivid storytelling.

I write, develop and edit projects, scripts and narrator's voice texts. I research specific items, images and records.

I am familiar with the Italian cultural heritage and conservation network, while I am always updated on the most recent art trends.

I own excellent mastery of art history and criticism tools, whereby I can successfully handle common topics as well as challenging content matters – and interviews.


I am an author, a director and a producer.

I direct shootings with great visual impact. I adopt and adapt different techniques and codes to highlight the physical/spacial qualities of the artwork and make its meaning accessible.

I go further to convey the secrets of art through the poetics of images: setting the atmosphere through visual hints, revealing emotions by catching details, gazes, gestures.

My target is the audience, therefore my aim is to transfigure art into a living, universal experience that is appealing, provocative, disclosing and inclusive.

As a producer I offer top-quality professionalism in the full production lifecycle: I can handle a project from conception through to delivery, working in autonomy and/or within a team, with curators and artists.

My skills include budgeting, fundraising, location-scouting and right clearance.

Writing and reviewing

I write and edit articles, reviews, essays and other written works on art, especially for educational and promotional purposes.

My academic background allows me to penetrate the secrets of art. I specialize in ancient Roman art, Italian Renaissance and 20th Century contemporary art; I have long dealt with experimental art, unconventional approaches and new media.

I am a passionate observer of today's trends and developments in the art market.