Looking for images, gathering footage and stills on any subject or epoch is the base of my job. My service is not a mere filling-in of images, but a dynamic approach based on hard work, determination, insight and enjoyment in tracing an image I have in mind.

Along with visual research I have successfully dedicated myself to tracing original historic papers from archives in Italy and elsewhere.

Finally, I can deal with right clearance in detail, from negotiating terms and fees to carrying out the paperwork. More than once I have successfully investigated cases where the property was initially unknown.

Being well introduced in several archives may grant me faster item processing.

…and access to minor archives means access to rare or unpublished material.


Research at the stage of development requires a whole range of specific skills. My knowledge about Italian culture, history, visual arts, current issues, as well as my experience as a documentary film author and director – all these merge in this role.

Be it single items or full projects, I get immediately focused, explore all their potentialities and obtain great results. I find the path to the core of each subject, with the ability to select the best of knowledge, information and footage.

Character, Expert and Witness

I am confident with the ways and paths to get in touch with any contributor, and personally know a series of high-profile international experts, mostly in the areas of Arts and History.

Besides, I have a special knack for detecting unexpected witnesses.

Great academics may just get lost in front of a camera while perfect unknowns may reveal irresistible. Experience has taught me to tell not only the one who’ll display a deep knowledge on a subject, but also the one who will captivate the public.