What I do

Producer for documentaries, tv and web productions, online and paper publishing:

Dealing with full production cycle from conception through to post-production and delivery;.

Originating new ideas, writing and editing projects, scripts, reportages, reviews and feature stories;

Developing scripts and ideas by researching and cross-checking content, format, images, contributors, location and props;

Preparing and performing project pitching to commissioners, broadcasters and production companies at international markets and workshops;

Interviewing people of all sorts, collecting testimonies, dealing with key contributors;

Shooting and editing teasers, shorts and other video material;

Creating schedules, organizing logistics, permits and staff for location, troupe, cast, and all that is needed during shooting;

Prepping for postproduction, coordinating all players involved, ensuring deadlines are respected.

Major areas of expertise: Italian Arts, from the Renaissance to contemporary; History (particularly last Century's wars, fascism and the cold war); current affairs, social and environmental issues, burning and controversial topics.

Moreover: professional translation services by experienced translators into and from following languages: English, German, French, Slovenian, Russian and Spanish. We provide translations of any text connected to film making (projects, scripts, legal paperwork, requests, contracts etc.), including subtitling or dubbing.

How I do it

Insight, curiosity and creativity, professionalism and a special knack for sensing whatever can stimulate emotions, provoke, disclose new and unexpected perspectives. I scour each idea and theme for the aspect that makes it original and engaging in view of content, narrative, visual approach, and format.

Whatever witness or contributor is involved, I establish fruitful contacts and strong relations with people of all backgrounds; I know how to conduct an interview with mastery and tactfulness even on sensitive topics.

I have practical and organizational skills, initiative and a positive attitude. I know how to drive and coordinate a team under pressure, and they say I have a natural gift for relieving the strain with my easy, reliable ways.

Translation: we deliver high quality, reliable translations thanks to our specialized language knowledge, familiarity with the industry and attention to details.